Jazo Klar in: Wrong Side of the Law (Part VII)

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Swoob snorted. “Well, how I was I supposed to know you had things under control? You know damn well your holocomm wasn’t operating.”

Jazo chuckled. “I suppose you’re right. Still, the thought of you as a one-man army…”

“…is very intimidating, I know. Knock it off. We’ve got work to do.” Swoob began to retrieve the humongous pile of weapons at his feet. If he wasn’t going to need them, he might as well take them back to the Outreach.

Jazo looked concernedly at his friend. “Ah, Swoob…”

Swoob turned around and could barely see Jazo over the stack of guns in his arms.

Jazo scratched his head. “You, uh, forgot one…”

He tossed the Koldavian J.A.W. at Swoob. The pilot fumbled in an attempt to catch it, and in an instant, the cache of armaments scattered to the floor yet again.

Swoob stared down at the mess Jazo had created anew. He then took a deep breath.


Jazo laughed as he walked over to help his friend.

“Now, once these are all stowed back in the ship, we’ll get started.”

Swoob sighed as he set down the Remian Pulse Shotgun. “Right. Allarias and her cohort will be here soon. It will take me a little while to get to the central control room and hack into the main system.”

“There shouldn’t be any techs on duty right now, so you should be able to hold up your end of things without any trouble.” Jazo handed Swoob the particle blaster.

The pilot took a look at the weapon. “What will I need this for?”

Jazo put his hand on Swoob’s shoulder. “We can’t be too careful.” He looked over at the Remian thugs. “These cartel types don’t screw around. If Kalthrax’s soldiers suspect something went wrong with his deal, they may come here looking for him.”

Swoob checked the blaster’s magazine. “I’ll shoot first and ask questions later.”

“Be careful that you don’t blast Allarias by mistake. We need her alive and well so that she can take these guys off our hands.”

“Right… I’m not certain she’ll extend me the same courtesy.”

Jazo grinned. “Let’s do it.”

Swoob nodded. “Just make sure you swap out that busted holocomm of yours with a working one. We can’t do this under radio silence.”

With that, he headed off to the central control room of the Mu’azadi.

Jazo grabbed a backup holocommunicator from his cargo hold, and proceeded to close up the Outreach. Swoob was already en route to get in position, and all that was left to do now was for Jazo to rendezvous with the PFIA.

An ear-splitting sonic report knocked Jazo off his feet, acquainting him with the surface of the landing pad. He quickly recognized the emblem of the PFIA on the small runabout that was docking just a few berths over, and glanced at his chronometer.

2401 spacetime index.

Jazo picked himself up and dusted his jumpsuit off. He opened a channel on his holocomm. “Swoob, it looks we’ve got company…”

“Yes, I heard as much.” Swoob’s voice crackled. “I’m still a ways out from the central control room. You’ll have to buy us some time.”

Jazo closed his eyes and shook his head. “Wonderful… Send me a ping when you’ve finished calibrating the gravitic impeders.”

“Will do. Swoob out.”

Jazo closed the channel. He spit into his hand and slicked back his hair. His jumpsuit wasn’t his best look, but it would have to do. He smoothed out the wrinkles from his fall as best he could.

Might as well look good for this little reunion…

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