Jazo Klar in: Wrong Side of the Law (Part V)

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Allarias was closing in fast on the coordinates Swoob had provided her. It had been a short trip from her previous location, and she had half a mind to believe that that was just how Jazo had planned it. They had agreed to meet in Docking Bay 94 of the Mu’azadi at 2400 hours, spacetime.

An’adu turned to Allarias. “Captain, we are within seven kilometers of the Mu’azadi now. The space station is too small to accomodate L-class vessels. We’ll have no place to dock.”

Allarias suspected Jazo had planned this, as well.

“Close distance to five kilometers, and prepare to hold position. Commander, you and I will have to make our approach via runabout. Lieutenant Quoluos, you will have the bridge.”

“Aye, sir,” Quoluos piped up.

Allarias abruptly stood up and made her way to the lift. An’adu began to walk after her. “Sir, at that distance, to reach the rendezvous point by runabout would take…”

“I’m well aware of that, commander. But we can’t risk maintaining fewer than five kilometers distance. The polarity fields of the Mu’azadi’s gravitic drive would create a harmonic intercessor and disrupt our plasmogen stabilizers. Without the plasmogen to counteract the ship’s level flux, the nuclear lines could burst, exposing the crew to toxic levels of unununium.”

An’adu weighed the situation carefully, his Pulsarian double-brow tilting upwards in contemplation.

He cleared his throat to speak. “Sir, suppose we maintain the plasmogen stabilizers, but selectively modulate the frequency of their inertia suppressants to isolate the core unununium emissions caused by the level flux. The resultant cascade stream would, in theory, act as a discordant excisor, preventing any possibility of unununium poisoning.”

The captain stood, hips akimbo, looking skeptically at An’adu. The commander sensed a forthcoming articulation of doubt.


A look of surprise washed over her face.

“Jazo Klar is sitting right within your grasp.”

The captain gave An’adu a long stare. She looked over to Quoluos.



Allarias glared at An’adu silently.

“…close to one kilometer.”

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